Peer Research Consultants

Use the Peer Research Consultant service for one-on-one help with library research. Students are hired and trained to work with you. Get quality research help for your next research paper!

PRCs help you:

  • Choose good keywords and databases for searching
  • Find and evaluate scholarly articles
  • Narrow down your paper topic and create research questions
  • Navigate the Libraries website
  • Explore undergraduate research opportunities and provide tips for finding a research mentor (*NEW*)


Did you know?

You can also request a consultation with a librarian, or 24x7 chat with a librarian.

Student Testimonials

“The PRC was quick, patient and smart! She had useful tips for searching out the best articles and directed me toward user-friendly search platforms. In ten minutes she saved me hours.“

“I thought my experience was great! The PRC really helped me to find sources and gain better knowledge on my topic.”