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Why should I use the services?

Our services are designed to:

  • Boost your confidence as a student
  • Help you stay on top of your coursework
  • Offer a deeper understanding of the content
  • Connect you to peers who also want to perform well
  • Teach you effective study strategies and time management

Protect your investment in your education - seeking help is a positive action!

How do I know which service if best for me?

  • Start with the one that seems most comfortable; some services are delivered by peers, others by professionals
  • Ask your academic advisor, community advisor, or instructor. They can direct you to a resource that they think best suits your needs.
  • The most important step is making that first contact with any of them!

When is a good time to look for these services?

  • Start before you get behind or receive the first low grade
  • When you need a boost in confidence or reassurance that you are on the right track
  • Be proactive, not reactive!

How much do services cost?

Nothing, they're free! The cost for all services listed on the academic success centers website are included in your undergraduate tuition.  

What if I don't see a resource for my specific courses?

Talk to your instructor/TA

Instructors and TAs are here to help. Making use of their office hours is a good place to start and is a great habit to get into that can help you stay on track, pull your grades up, and make the most out of the resources provided. Office hours are listed in the course syllabus.

Form your own study group

Study groups can be an effective study approach. Start by reviewing the Success Center's study group tips

Talk to your advisor

They can help you figure out the best support service for you, and discuss your academic goals. Take the lead in the conversation and ask:

  • Where can I find help with time management and study skills?
  • I’m finding this course really challenging because…   what would you recommend?
  • If I decide to withdraw from the class, or I fail it, how will that affect my plan going forward?