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Stressed? Anxious? Unclear what next week will bring? For many of us, the answer to all these is yes. Learning online can be challenging, particularly if it is new to you.  Here are some tips & resources to help navigate online learning. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us via chat! Peer Consultants are able to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

Online Learning Tips and Resources

Learn the Technology

Take the time to get familiar with how technology used in your classes work. Learn how to use zoom to connect with tutors, or arrange study groups.

Office of Information Technology Working & Learning Off Campus

Technology Help for Students

Plan & Organize

Create a schedule for the next few weeks, blocking out when you will work on which class. When courses are all online, you have to make sure you find the time to log in for each of your courses. Find or create a space in your home where you know you can be productive and minimize distraction.

EffectiveU Time Management

SASS Staying Organized Video

Manage Time

Routines and time management are essential when taking classes online. Start your day with some stretching, journaling, movement or exercise. Engage with all of your classes every day for shorter, purposeful time. Break large assignments down into small chunks to allow for you to fit in other things that need to get done like laundry, cleaning your space, getting time outside in nature, or going to the grocery store.

SASS Time Management Video 

EffectiveU: How to Manage Your Time

Take Notes

When classes are online, you may think that you can take a break from note-taking. Bad idea. Notes keep you focused and help you learn. Develop a system that works for you and stick with it. Review your notes on a regular basis - aim for a full review of notes once per week for each class.

EffectiveU: Take Better Notes

Actively Participate in Class & Engage in Online Study Groups

In traditional classrooms, discussions provide you an opportunity to ask questions & clarify your understanding of a concept. In online classes, you still can reinforce reading material by taking an active part in each class. This could be through written discussion, posting a video, or some other activity. Take time to reflect on what is working for you or what skills you might need to boost.

Tips for Study Groups

EffectiveU: Boost Your Study Stills

Take Breaks

Studying online means long hours in front of a computer.  Stay refreshed by taking regular breaks away from the screen. Arrange your day so that you are not spending long periods of time at the computer.

Pomodoro Technique

24 Tips for Breaks Not Involving Social Media

Pay Attention to Your Physical and Mental Health

Talk to, text, and message your family and friends. If you need emotional support or information, prioritize getting it. Make time for physical activity. Get enough sleep. All these factors will make your body stronger at fending off infection and speed up your recovery if you do get sick.

EffectiveU: Manage your Stress

Learn to Live

Ask for Help/Take Advantage of Available Support Services

Faculty, advisors, and success center staff can help you. Seek their support as you navigate this new experience. Students who are successful in online courses are willing to take control of their education and be responsible for getting what they need.

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