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Syllabus Statements

Academic Success Centers

Academic success centers include a variety of resources and services to help you succeed as a student.  Services include writing help, tutoring, study-skill coaching, academic skill development classes, research help, media-related project support, and self-help academic resources.  With the exception of for-credit classes, academic success center services are provided at no additional cost to U of M students. For additional information:

Peer Tutoring

Free tutoring is available through the Peer Tutor program. While tutors will not help directly with graded coursework, they will use similar practice problems to help students develop the skills and concept-mastery necessary to approach their graded work confidently. Peer Tutors are faculty-recommended, exemplary undergraduates who are trained to help you develop effective learning strategies. For additional information:

Peer Tutoring for Library Research

Free help is available for your research paper assignments. Peer Research Consultants are UMN students hired and trained by the Libraries to provide one-on-one help with finding sources, narrowing down a topic, developing a research question, and any other research-related need. Peer Research Consultants support undergraduate students of all levels and any major. Make an appointment at:

Student Writing Support Statement

Student Writing Support (SWS) helps student writers develop confidence and effective writing strategies through collaborative one-to-one writing consultations. Consultants work with writers at any stage of the writer’s process, such as brainstorming and organizing ideas, developing a thesis statement or line of argument, creating cohesive paragraphs, revising sentences, and documenting sources. A consultation is often focused on a specific assignment or writing task, with the goal of supporting writers as they develop more effective and productive writing strategies to apply to future writing projects.

Appointment information is available at:

In addition, SWS offers a number of web-based resources on topics such as avoiding plagiarism, documenting sources, and planning and completing a writing project.