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Learning online can be challenging, particularly if it is new to you. To help prepare for your online classes, enroll in Learning Online 101. The course covers self-motivation, time management, technical skills, and available student support which all contribute to greater success in online classes. Self-enroll now at:

Online Learning Tips

Learn the Technology

Identify the technology tools you need to access your courses and learn how to use them. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Your phone works for checking email, and reading Canvas announcements, but it should not be the main device for accessing your classes.  

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Set-up Your Study Space

Find or create a space where you know you can be productive. Minimize possible distractions. Gather everything you need for your classes. Think about the physical space - lighting, furniture, screen settings, noise levels, etc. We all work best in different spaces. If the space you set-up doesn't work, take time to figure out why. 

Study Space Tips

Physical Study Space

Organize, Plan & Manage Time

Routines and time management are essential when taking classes online. Create a schedule for the next few weeks by blocking out study time for each class. Engage with all of your classes every day for shorter, purposeful time. Break large assignments down into small blocks of study time to allow time for getting outside, or going to the grocery store.

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Time Management Video 

Staying Organized Video

Actively Participate in Class & Study Groups

In traditional classrooms, discussions provide you an opportunity to ask questions & clarify your understanding of a concept. In online classes, you still can reinforce material by taking an active part in each class. This could be through posting on message boards, or asking questions via chat. Take notes during online classes to keep you focused. Review your notes on a regular basis - aim for a full review of notes once per week for each class. Also, learn how to use Zoom to connect with tutors or start a study group. 

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Study Group Tips

Pay Attention to Your Physical and Mental Health

Stay in touch with your family and friends. If you need emotional support, prioritize getting it. Take breaks. Make time for physical activity. Get enough sleep!

EffectiveU: Manage your Stress

Student Mental Health: Learn to Live

Ask for Help & Know Your Resources

Faculty, advisors, and success center staff can help you. Seek their support as you navigate online learning. Students who are successful in online courses are willing to take control of their education and be responsible for getting what they need.

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